Doors: Ministerio de Educacion Y Ciencia (Madrid, España) – Color

I stopped to admire the beauty doors at the entrance of c/ Alcala, 34 every time I walked by them. I imagined the doors’ heavy wrought iron bars as vines, germinating and unfurling into delicate, sinuous flourishes. After a few months, however, I began to ignore the doors, only acknowledging them subconsciously and as points of reference, as one so often does with familiar things in familiar places.
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Seville Sunset

Musings on Place

It was a mid-winter day when I first noticed that the sun was setting earlier than usual. Saturated bands of lavender, pink, and gold—the daughters of the Titan who holds the world upon his shoulders, as the Greeks referred to the colors of the sunsets thousands of years ago—slowly pulled the twilight across the sky. Evening-cast shadows stretched along the plaza and buoyed the sun’s golden light towards the tops of edifices until it dispersed into the infinite and lonely space of night.
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La rue de la soif - Rennes, France

La Rue de la Soif (Rennes, France)

The streets of Rennes were quiet on that rainy December afternoon. Being the capital of Brittany, the city is historically and culturally significant, invests heavily in the arts, and has many artistic and cultural institutions. Rennes is known for many things, not least for its densely constructed timber-framed structures and large population of university students.

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