Tostada con Tomate Recipe

Tostada con Tomate Recipe

Tostada con Tomate

Several of the most precious things I brought back with me from my jaunt in Spain were recipes, and they happen to be ones that never fail to please in their flavor or simplicity. The first one I will share with you – tostada con tomate (toast with tomato) – is a typical breakfast enjoyed widely throughout Spain. It is delicious and, best of all, very simple to make. In fact, it is so delicious and simple that I sometimes make it as a snack or as an appetizer to accompany dinner.

What you’ll need:
Large tomato
Pinch of salt
Spanish extra virgin olive oil

First, wash your tomato and grate it into a bowl. I usually hold the stem side in my hand while grating. I grate until the tomato skin that remains in my hand is too thin to grate without grating my fingers along with it. Feed the leftover tomato skin to a dog – if your kitchen is like mine and there is one lurking nearby, observing your every move – or simply discard. Add a pinch of salt and mix thoroughly.

Grating a Tomato

Cut the baguette in half lengthwise and toast. When finished, place the toast on a plate and drizzle liberally with extra virgin olive oil. The old Sevillana lady who taught me this recipe – who, much to my chagrin, insisted on being called “Concha”  – used her fingers to make dimples in the bread to help absorb the olive oil (before eating, she let her foul-mouthed chihuahua “Franco” lick the crumbs from her fingers). Alternatively, a fork will do an adequate job perforating the face of the toast. After applying a generous amount of olive oil, spread the grated tomato with a spoon evenly over the face of the warm bread. Serve with a Spanish coffee and a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice. Enjoy!

Naked Toast

Did you try this recipe? What did you think? Do you make it differently? Do you have any memories of eating tostada con tomate in Spain?

By the bye: Due to the small amount of ingredients used in this recipe, every one must be top notch. The recipe is not forgiving with subpar ingredients. The quality of olive oil is very important. It is best to use a flavorful extra virgin olive oil. The oil I like and can find in my local grocer is produced from primarily hojiblanca olives grown in Andalusia. If you use cheap olive oil, the flavor will suffer. If you use old tomatoes, the taste will likewise suffer. It is best to use homegrown tomatoes and a fresh, homemade baguette, as I do.



11 thoughts on “Tostada con Tomate Recipe

  1. Saw this post and went straight to buy tomato and a baguette. While it did suffer a bit from an excess of subpar olive oil (next time I’ll use the good stuff) the grated tomato came out wonderfully, and I could definitely see myself (with my American palate!) eating this for breakfast…quite possibly tomorrow!

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  3. One of my favorite breakfasts as well while living in Spain, now that I’m home I haven’t been making it my staple breakfast!

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