Streets: Calle Cava de San Miguel (Madrid, España)

Many tourists visiting Madrid have Plaza Mayor on their sight-seeing lists. This makes sense, as it is a lively place with restaurants, shops, street peddlers, and, best of all, old-world charm. But Madrid’s charms don’t end there.

Facing South on c/ Cava de San Miguel

If you take the western exit out of Plaza Mayor, and hook an immediate left, you will encounter the Mercado de San Miguel (Saint Michael’s Market) directly on the right. Tourists and locals alike congregate here during the feeding hours to indulge in various tapas and alcoholic beverages. After enjoying a few glasses of sweet vermouth and/or Rioja wine, continue south down one of my favorite streets in Madrid, c/ Cava de San Miguel (which translates to something like Saint Michael’s Cellar Street). To say nothing of the marvelously misshapen façades – whose distortions you’ll surely blame on the vermouth or wine -, here you’ll descend upon a delicious, if touristy, mushroom tapas bar called Meson del Champiñon (House of the Mushroom) on the left. What to eat here goes without saying.

*Update, June 16, 2012: To read my post on the Mercado de San Miguel, click here.

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