Doors: Calle de la Farmacia, 7 (Madrid, España)

The street Calle de Fuencarral acts as an unofficial border of the Malasaña and Chueca neighborhoods in Madrid. These neighborhoods are edgy and colorful.

Door along Calle de la Farmacia

During my recurring visits to Madrid, I’d often walk along Calle de la Farmacia – a small, one-way street that connects Fuencarral to another road called Calle de Hortaleza – to visit my friend Valerie. This door, with its stickers, graffiti, tags, and scribblings, reminded me that I was walking down the right street.

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4 thoughts on “Doors: Calle de la Farmacia, 7 (Madrid, España)

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  2. Hullo! I just discovered your blog via the guest post on Sunshine and Siestas. These black and white shots of Spain (and Morocco, etc…) come out thoughtfully and beautifully presented.Thanks for making me slow down and drink in Madrid again!

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