Mercado de San Miguel (Madrid, España)

One of my recent posts showcased an interesting, if touristy street next to the Mercado de San Miguel (Saint Michael’s Market) in Madrid, Spain. However, not much was said about the market.

Looking Down the Northernmost Corridor of the Mercado de San Miguel

The market’s current iron frame was built in 1916, but it rests on a site where many Madrileños (people from Madrid) went to buy and barter goods in the nineteenth century. While Madrileños still go here to buy produce and meats, the market comes alive during the feeding hours, when people congregate here to socialize, tapear (eat tapas) and drink alcoholic beverages like wine and sweet vermouth (my market favorite no less due to its €1.50 price-tag). Link and picture of vermouth stall. Various breads, cheeses, olives, meats like jamón and gambas (ham and shrimp), coffees, pastries, and tapas can be found here. Do not leave Madrid without first visiting the market. My Madrileño friend Jesús introduced me to the market one Friday evening before heading over to La Vía Láctea (The Milky Way), a famous haunt for the post-Franco counterculture movement known as La Movida Madrileña. At any rate, I would henceforth frequent the market for lunch or late-night libations. My father also fell in love with it when I took him there for dinner one spring evening. We quickly made friends that night with another father and son couple visiting from France over perhaps too many bottles of Spanish wine.

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A video of the Mercado de San Miguel here.


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