Doors: 10 Dirhams. Fez, Morocco.

I encountered this bright blue door while wandering through the medina of Fez, Morocco. From the crates and comfortable blanket in front of the door, I surmise that this is a popular rest-stop for tourists to take photos. Written in Spanish on the upper left section of the doorway, the door demands passersby to pay 10 Moroccan Dirhams for taking photos. Can anyone translate the beautiful Arabic calligraphy above the door and the scribbles on the door itself?

Door Morocco Fez

10 Dirhams to Photograph



4 thoughts on “Doors: 10 Dirhams. Fez, Morocco.

  1. This is beautiful! I love doors ! Love to taking photo of them and sketching them! Each country has their own style ,shape,colour… so that is why I love them!

  2. Fabulous door. We encountered the same request from the people when we visited a medina in Morocco. While it seems a bit capitalistic, can’t say I blame them – boat loads and bus loads of tourists trekking through, all snapping photos …

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