Sevilla Tiene un Calor Especial

Seville is a tourists’ town. Horse-drawn carriages taking holidaymakers along for rides in parks and down city streets. They are Spain’s equivalent of Venice’s famous gondolas. There is without question something charming about Seville. A famous expression, originating from a the chorus of famous song, expresses Seville’s magic: “Sevilla tiene un color especial” (Seville has a special color). In other words, there is something special about Seville, its ambiance, its inhabitants, its color. It is unique, something to be experienced.

Seville is also famous for its heat. Spain greeting me with autumn-like temperatures in Madrid during my most recent visit, at the end of June 2013. However, during my weekend in Seville, the digital time and temperature sign at Santa Justa announced that it was 45°C. I doubt it was so high, but it was extremely hot that day. It was so hot that the famous horse-drawn carriage drivers took rests in shades under large trees during peak hours.

Coming from hot and sunny Florida, Seville’s heat is not so bad. Seville’s heat is dry, and the shade feels extremely pleasant. That said, one must hydrate more in Seville. New tourists that visit the city in summer often forget to hydrate while enjoying drinks at night, making the morning hangover more pronounced.

We should modify the original song lyrics and say, “Sevilla tiene un calor especial” (Seville has a special heat).

Horse and carriage under the trees in Sevilla, España

Horse and carriage drivers rest under the trees in Sevilla, España


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